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PHYSICS: Original working title was "MY PHYSICS" = how my existential world works. That weird keyboarder-y thing is a Farfisa organ being turned off and on, BTW.

SONGS FOR GUYS: About an imaginary crush on a female bass player. Another weird sort of keyboard effect – this one is a Stylophone 250. Mixed by Jeff Blenkinsopp and Kevin McMahon at EARS NYC.

NEW ENEMY: About the exquisite pleasure of needling somebody until they lose it. 8-string bass and 12-string guitars for something sonically interesting. Repeat percussion telegraph key one-finger organ.

SUMMER MONEY: Written in the dead of an "I swear I'm not gonna spend another winter in Ohio." Visualizing that feeling in August when you know the seasons have just tipped over and tho there is plenty of summer left, that slow slide has begun. And you know that quip that goes "What a beautiful day! Someone must've paid the weather bill"? Well, you pay it with summer money.

LATE FOR WORK: "Yeah, I wanna stay home and make love, but I've got this job..."

DROMOMANIA (WIND IN MY SHOES): An old wanderer makes fun of a tourist who tries to go native, but fails miserably. For Bruce Chatwin, author of “Song Lines”.

MOMMY GLOW: “No babies for me, darlin'...”. Used an actual sonogram recording as a click track to set the tempo.

NICOTINE WEATHER: How crazy and disassociated one gets when trying to quit smoking. A song for Tin Huey, with an imitation Mark Price bass solo.

AWAKE: A pun on the word "wake". Get it?

NEVER BEEN OLD BEFORE: “Put down that phone, Junior, and listen and look up - I'm gonna show you the wonders of the world.” Sax: Taylor McIntosh. Backing vocals by Half Cleveland’s Harvey Gold, Friday Mike Wilkinson and Taylor McIntosh.

BITCH BOX: A treatise on my usual sunny disposition.

BETTER THAN I EVER WAS: I'm still here. Wobbly, but still standing. And not doing too badly, either. Reeds by Marc Paige, whom I reconnected with after what?...forty years? Harvey Gold from Tin Huey/Half Cleveland on organ. Thanks to Colin John for lending me his Telecaster. Mixed by Jeff Koval at Sta-Level Studio, Akron, OH.


THE WHIRLAWAY: Demo. About living on borrowed time. Korg Poly 800 for a keyboard/Oberheim DMX for drums/Rockman for guitar.

TOUCH OF GRAY: Demo. A song about my grandfather. Dates from the mid '80's, so predates The Dead song with the same title.

BETTER THAN I EVER WAS: Demo. Guitars instead of saxes. Key of A, not G as in the final version.

CURIOUS GIRLS: From the early '90's. A non-sequitur song. My just-for-fun attempt at writing a big, synth-laced, hit single. All expensive machines except the guitar part. Guest vocals by pal George Gilmore from The Tall Lonesome Pines.

All noises by CB, unless otherwise noted. This project was fun to do!
Graphics & Pix: Beth Becker
Mastered by Scott Anthony at Storybook Sound, Maplewood, NJ
Thank you, Frank Mauceri at Smog Veil.

©2018 Chris Butler/All songs published by Future Fossil Music (BMI) |
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is probably inevitable,
But is still a violation of applicable laws. Made in the USA.

The problem with the CD format is that for liner notes there is never enough…room.


released March 24, 2018




Seminal New Waver from Northeastern Ohio. Member of Akron, Ohio’s Tin Huey in late ‘70’s. Songwriter/producer/guitarist for all Waitresses songs (including “I Know What Boys Like”, the “Square Pegs” TV show theme and “Christmas Wrapping”) in the early ‘80’s. Never stopped writing and recording. ... more

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